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Xbox expansion: Microsoft buys Fallout maker Bethesda's parent company for $7.5B
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The move marks a significant purchase in the gaming world and strengthens Microsoft's Xbox lineup ahead of a new launch in November.

In A Complete Fluke, A European Spacecraft Is About To Fly Past Venus – And Could Look For Signs Of Life
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On Monday, September 14, a team of scientists said they had found evidence for phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus.

Marc Andreessen On Productivity, Scheduling, Reading Habits, Work, and More
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This interview was recorded earlier this year and originally appeared on The Observer Effect; it has only been lightly edited for formatting here.

Global banks defy U.S. crackdowns by serving oligarchs, criminals and terrorists - ICIJ
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The FinCEN Files show trillions in tainted dollars flow freely through major banks, swamping a broken enforcement system.

Fårö, Sweden

I took this photo yesterday. More about Fårö from Wikipedia: Fårö (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈfôːrøː]) is a Baltic Sea island just north of the island of Gotland, itself off mainland Sweden's southeastern coast.

There is a Tesla statue which radiates free WiFi
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A statue of the inventor Nikola Tesla -- equipped with free Wi-Fi and a time capsule to be opened in 2043 -- was unveiled in Palo Alto on Dec. 7.

UCLA-led team of scientists discovers why we need sleep

A UCLA-led team of scientists explains why sleep is so vital to our health and shows for the first time that a dramatic change in the purpose of sleep occurs at the age of about 2-and-a-half.

A Utah Company Claims It Invented Contact Tracing Tech
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Blyncsy wants states using Apple and Google technology to pay it $1 per resident. It may not win, but the patent tussle could deter others from adopting apps.

First Helicopter Lesson! Robinson R44
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From the video description: "A few weeks ago I had my very first helicopter flight training… It was awesome! Join me as I step into the world of rotor flying, attempt my first hover, and learn all about autorotation."

Exclusive: 'Borat 2' Has Already Been Shot and Screened by Sacha Baron Cohen
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Multiple sources tell Collider that Sacha Baron Cohen has already shot and screened Borat 2 as leaks on social media start to add up.

Beside the point? Punctuation is dead, long live punctuation
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How we came to represent (through inky marks) the vagaries of the mind, inflections of the voice, and intensity of feeling

Leng Jun
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Leng Jun is a Chinese contemporary artist born in 1963, recognized for his Fine Art paintings of still lifes and detailed and realistic portraits of women.

Wearing masks protects others. When others wear masks, we are protected as well.

The question is, when do we stop wearing masks? Is this the end of mask-less humanity?

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Baxter, the cat from next door This cat totally gets still portraiture, and how to irritate our cats by lying nonchalantly in various strategic and contentious locations in our yard. Not sure what happened to the EXIF data. Taken with the Nikon 70.0-200.0 mm f/2.8 @ 200.0 mm, f/2.8, 1/125 sec, ISO 100.

You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much
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The irony of the American economy is that the people at the top are often as unhappy and overworked as those at the bottom.

Barcelona congratulate Real Madrid on winning La Liga title - and Los Blancos fans are loving it | Goal.com
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Barcelona, on their social media pages at least, were magnanimous in defeat as they congratulated Real Madrid on winning their 34th La Liga title on Thursday night.