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Oscar-tipped film 'Mank' is bathed in Old Hollywood glamour
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Costume designer Trish Summerville explains why this collaboration with director David Fincher was their most challenging project to date.

EU pushes for 'right to disconnect' from work at home
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With more people working from home during the pandemic, the boundaries between job and life are blurred. Lawmakers in the EU want to give workers the "right to disconnect," whereas Germany is looking at tax breaks.

Baby girl born from record-setting 27-year-old embryo
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One-month old Molly Gibson has broken the record set by her own sister, Emma, now three years old.

A Chain Just Cut Through A Capsized Cargo Ship Filled With Cars And The Process Is Fascinating
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Back in September of 2019, a 600+ foot cargo ship called the MV Golden Ray, which was apparently loaded in an unstable fashion with over 4,000 cars, capsized in St. Simons Sound just off the port of Brunswick, Georgia. Since then, responders have been working to remove the ship in sections to send the hulk to the scrapper. November was particularly exciting, as workers used a chain to cut off the first enormous chunk of ship, revealing mangled cars within. Here’s at look at the fascinating way …

Help test our iOS App
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If you're a regular 20-Things visitor and you feel like helping us out, we would love to have you test our early iOS App (to also be released for Android).

My Hunt for the Original McDonald's French-Fry Recipe
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Veteran line-cooks, experts, and die-hard fans tell the story of the fries that birthed an empire, then disappeared—until now.

AlphaFold: a solution to a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology
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In a major scientific advance, the latest version of our AI system AlphaFold has been recognised as a solution to this grand challenge by the organisers of the biennial Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction (CASP) assessment. This breakthrough demonstrates the impact AI can have on scientific discovery and its potential to dramatically accelerate progress in some of the most fundamental fields that explain and shape our world.

AOC's Among Us stream raises $200k for eviction defence, food pantries, and more
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is grateful to the Twitch community and promises more streams in the near future.

Get Ready for the Weirdest Oscars Season Ever
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An early look at the extra-long, still slightly theoretical 2021 awards season.

We Are Built to Forget
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We are designed, scientists realized, not only to remember, but also to forget. The first of the neurotransmitters discovered was named anandamide, Sanskrit for bliss.

Joji - Slow dancing in the dark
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I don't want a friend (just me) I want my life in two (my life in two) Just one more night Waiting to get there Waiting for you (all night) I'm done fighting all night (waiting for you)

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Many children were harmed in the making of this video.

These ants decorate their homes with the heads of their enemies
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We're beginning to understand how and why one species goes after larger foes - and it may have something to do with evading kidnapper ants.

Wearing masks protects others. When others wear masks, we are protected as well.

The question is, when do we stop wearing masks? Is this the end of mask-less humanity?

Barcelona congratulate Real Madrid on winning La Liga title - and Los Blancos fans are loving it | Goal.com
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Barcelona, on their social media pages at least, were magnanimous in defeat as they congratulated Real Madrid on winning their 34th La Liga title on Thursday night.