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Israeli airstrike levels Gaza tower housing AP, Al Jazeera & other international media (VIDEO)
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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have destroyed a building where offices of international media outlets, including Associated Press and Al Jazeera, were located. People were given a one hour warning before the missile attack.

13 Places Where You Can Buy Linux Computers
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Looking for Linux laptops? Here I list some online shops that either sell Linux computers or specialize only in Linux systems.

Confronting Disinformation Spreaders on Twitter Only Makes It Worse, MIT Scientists Say
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Twitter is a hellscape and it only gets worse when you point out some is sharing bad information.

China lands its Zhurong rover on Mars
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The six-wheeled robot has made the hazardous descent to the surface of the Red Planet, China announces.

The Spanish Witches of Cartagena
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On 25 March 1638, nine individuals were brought into the Main Square of the colonial city of Cartagena in front of a large crowd.

Darkside ransomware gang says it lost control of its servers & money a day after Biden threat
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A day after US President Joe Biden said the US plans to disrupt the hackers behind the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, the operator of the Darkside ransomware said the group lost control of its web servers and some of the funds it made from ransom payments.

Why do we buy into the 'cult' of overwork?
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Overwork culture is thriving; we think of long hours and constant exhaustion as a marker of success. Given what we know about burnout, why do we do give in?

Thun, Switzerland

I was fortunate to spend a day here today.

Kina - The Ballad Of Chasey Lain (Bloodhound Gang cover)
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Надеюсь, вы будете смеяться так же, как я во время создания этого видео

Blizzard has lost almost 29% of its overall active playerbase in three years

Investor report is coming on the heels of some massive public relations disasters, as Activision-Blizzard forced yet another round of layoffs and investor groups alleged that CEO Bobby Kotick could pocket as much as $200M in bonuses.

This Helicopter Just Flew On Mars!
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The Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity aims to make the first powered flight on another planet when it takes off on Mars. It has now landed and safely checked in wit...

Bengals QB Joe Burrow 'ahead of schedule', plans to 'be there on the first snap of 2021'
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Joe Burrow believes he's ahead of schedule in his return from a season-ending knee injury and intends on returning for Cincinnati's 2021 season opener.

Graphic Designers Have Always Loved Minimalism. But At What Cost?
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Company X announces a new logo with a buzzword-filled press release. We’ve been hard at work for months in rethinking how to best represent ourselves to our customers, it reads. We think this new logo reflects our values by signaling simplicity and approachab

Every Melissa McCarthy Movie, Ranked
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McCarthy hasn’t always found material worthy of her talents, but she always tackles it with gusto.