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It's almost 23 (11 pm) over here and I decided to finally launch this new feature I've been working on.

PinePhone Pro | PINE64
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PinePhone Pro, our flagship smartphone and the best way to experience mainline Linux on a mobile device Developer pre-orders are now open Pre-order * Additional charges, such as import taxes and…

It’s not that hard to be in the top 10% of your field
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It’s not that hard to be in the top 10% of your field. If you want to know how to get on top, be the best, and join the top professionals in your field, here are some career success tips for you.

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Literal Video Version)
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The ORIGINAL! NO commentary in the background! NO annoying cam quality!As you know I did NOT make this. Credit goes to dascottjr. Sung by PersephoneMaewynI a...

Why is laughter contagious?
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Contagious laughter reinforces social bonds via targeted endorphin release.

JFK's speech on separation of Church and State
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played under the fair use act, Speech was given on 09/12/1960Kennedy valued America over Rome--that was a big no no... He says no federal funds should go to ...

2,050-year-old Roman tomb offers insights on ancient concrete resilience
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The unique mineral composition of the 2,050-year-old Roman tomb of Caecilia Metella could point the way toward more resilient and sustainable modern concrete structures.

Witness the majesty of moths taking flight at 6,000 frames per second
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The incredible biophysics of moths taking flight is a spectacle to behold – especially at 6,000 frames per second

I'm Playing 0 A.D. When I Should Be Working
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So I went to the office today with the intention of making a proper video, but once I sat down at the computer, I started playing my favorite free and open source game 0 A.D. I quickly realized that I wasn't going to make any real content today. (DT is not bald, but he is lazy!) So I recorded me playing 0 A.D. against two A.I opponents on the very hard level.

Planet Squid Game
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How Netflix’s international strategy produced what might be its biggest new show ever.

Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful
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Millions of documents reveal offshore deals and assets of more than 100 billionaires, 30 world leaders and 300 public officials

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