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How much longer will this global turbulence last? End of next year?

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Way, way longer. Society is gearing up to the end, final stages.
Social credit score is going to become a thing, robots will take over jobs because people don't want to work, there will be a guaranteed universal income, no one will own anything and "everyone will be happy". Except, they won't be. To be a proper "global citizen" everyone will have to agree to a certain set of politically correct standards and peaceful or non-peaceful discourse will no longer be tolerated.
Cancel culture is unforgiving, and if you have an opinion that isn't what has been deemed acceptable, you better either keep it to yourself, or be prepared to never work and never eat again.
Of course there will be an undercurrent of undesirables and deplorables, but weaponized drones will seek them out for immobilization.
Green new deals will have to include child tax credits and carbon footprint offsets so that no one dares having any more kids than 1 in a 1000 based on race quotas, with preferences to under represented, marginalized or disenfranchised races and cultures.
None of this will be enough, and entropy and poor forethought will leave humanity sterile, inept, and under the rule of an AI that sees us as a blight upon the planet. We will search out new planets having trashed this one, and die before ever finding the one planet in the whole universe capable of supporting life. This one.

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