Content Creators Dilemma

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Did you ever tried to reach an audience on the internet? Maybe you are in to discuss the theory of content makers dilemma. Lets say you have a good idea to share , we would start with the basics: a platform to share it. Despite of having friends to share it (which would be most effective) , some are relying on the platforms itself, which are driven by algorythms. In most cases, articles or posts which become popular will be displayed to a larger audience. No wonder people are working in marketing business, the demand to get a popular post is high as everyone thinks to have a oppinion worth sharing with the world. Let me share my thoughts what they need to be aware of: The categories of interest where the theme depends on and what people inside those categories might like to view the most. In these days of adblockers and the pure mass of adverts in our point of view makes it hard to outstand. Additionally you need interactions to finetune the algorythms , otherwise its more likely that only a few people will see what you wrote. The key to sustainable social media could be a community thats focused on what exactly they feed the algorythm. Thoughts will stay in their bubble of the interest category as long people with high influence wont focus on themes they normaly dont share. in other words: as long the right humans arent trying to expand their comfort zone , the popular internet storys are damned to follow the same thematic principles every single time. Could a technology overcome those issues? Im sure some intelligent people are allready in search of that. I would like to get some insights on these topic from your side, feel free to comment.

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This is tough. I try to keep 20t as simple as possible, with no recommendation algorithms. Discovering content that is not popular is hard, and helping users discover such content is something I prefer to do manually. I Plan to feature a community on the frontpage each week, if we ever get that many communities, as a way to help with discoverability.

As a content creator in general, getting the attention without changing who you are is tough. I wish there was a solution, but I’m afraid that one may not even exist. I hope ai’m wrong though.

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