Developer update for April 21st 2020

Another quick update on the status of 20-Things development

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So much more work remains to be done, but looking back during the past few months, quite a bit was accomplished.

New features released today: User account management page has been expanded to allow users to permanently delete their 20-Things account. This action removes all user information from our database (including e-mail, phone number, username etc.). This also means that the username will become available to someone else who may attempt to register it later. All posts and comments made by the user will also no longer be available.

What else is being worked on?

  • ability to selectively delete own comments
  • ability to edit own comments
  • ability to submit a reply to a comment
  • ability to submit a photo as a reply to a comment
  • ability to create personal posts without having to submit them to any category

Please feel free to suggest other features you wish to see and report any bugs you may find.

Thank you.

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