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Give them a whirl :)

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Just to keep you all in the loop:

I finally managed to start working on notification system for thing and comment replies. I will update this thread as I make progress, but I'm hoping to be able to roll it out soon, as it is currently the only feature being worked on while others wait in the pipeline.

I hope you're all having an awesome week! 😃

Edit #1: work in progress: you should now get notification skeletons for comment replies (only replies on top level comments) and for thing replies (top level comments written on your things). Notifications are currently only for testing purposes and can not be deleted, but this should be further developed in the upcoming days.

Edit #2: we're making progress 😃 You can now click the comment link in a notification you received and it will take you to the comment, briefly highlight it and scroll it into view.

Edit #3: we should now have functional comment and thing reply notifications with ability to delete notifications.

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