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I am a believer in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. (Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov) I believe all Scripture is G-d breathed, and profitable for teaching, correction/reproof and building up so that the man of G-d will be equipped (in concert with having the Ruach haKodesh) for every good work. G-d is revealed primarily in three "persons" or unique facets of who He is, but the Word of G-d declares G-d is limitless and the last book uses a more round number than 3.

I'm on a walk, a slow plodding walk where I take a long time to learn things. The Ruach truly leads into all truth, but dying to the flesh is a daily affair. (Believers take up our 'execution stake' daily and follow Him, putting to death the emnity that once existed between us and G-d)

There is a movement called Hebraic or Hebrew roots, and that's not one I subscribe to, rather the movement that came before that. I have reservations about the "roots" movement, but currently find myself acquainted with them more so than I had been in the past.

I like to "reason together" with people of precious like minded faith.

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I come here by way of reddit. I hope this site is a better platform than it was/is.

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