20-Things is a new people-powered community that enables sharing and talking about articles and various media formats, launched as Alpha version in December 2020.

In today's modern information society, we are frequently overloaded with information wherever we go. We are trying to ease the burden by using a novel, slimmed-down format, specifically designed with our users' limited free time in mind.

We advocate against dark software development design patterns such as endless scrolling, which are typically designed to keep users glued to their screens longer than they normally would. We want you to be able to quickly and easily find the things you care about and read them in a slimmed-down format and then go about your day and enjoy your life.

Almost every website today encourages or pushes users to install an app. We want to focus on making our content accessible in read-only mode without having to even log in.

Would you like to report a bug, suggest a new feature or just talk to us? Feel free to get in touch.

We are also on Twitter as @20__Things.

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Special thanks to the wonderful contributors behind following Open Source Software which we are proudly using:

3rd party Service Providers

We are proud to showcase these third-party services which enable us to operate 20-Things:

  • Cloudflare (DDoS protection, content delivery, caching)
  • Mailgun (Transactional Email API)
  • Twilio (Communication API for SMS)