How To Get Better at Painting - Without Painting Anything… 
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John Wooden died in 2009. But if you're a basketball coach today, you're still living in his shadow. And for good reason. Wooden's record as a basketball coach for UCLA remains unmatched. He was notorious for his attention to detail, down to training his players how to put on their socks and lace

How To Make the Perfect, Classic Monte Cristo Sandwich 
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Imagine the most delicious mash-up of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and a decadent stack of buttery French toast. You’d have tender-crisp, custardy bread stuffed with sweet ham and gooey Gruyère cheese that oozes with every bite.

$1B feud involving Leonardo's 'Salvator Mundi' reveals dark side of the art world… 
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The story of history's most expensive painting and the art world's most epic battle -- The Bouvier Affair -- is about the enter a new chapter.

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Browse and download high-resolution, public domain Paintings, Drawings, Illustrations and Posters.

Nikon F3 with DW-3 waist finder 
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How to turn your SLR into a Hasselblad ! Ain't that cool.

Graphic Designers Have Always Loved Minimalism. But At What Cost?… 
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Company X announces a new logo with a buzzword-filled press release. We’ve been hard at work for months in rethinking how to best represent ourselves to our customers, it reads. We think this new logo reflects our values by signaling simplicity and approachab

The 10 Wittiest Essays By Mark Twain… 
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We’ve put together a list, in no particular order, of ten witty pieces that will give you a peek inside the wittiness of this celebrated author.

Protein harvest… 
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By Mike Winkelmann, a graphic designer from Charleston, SC, USA.

The future, by Philippe ‘Manchu’ Bouchet

Philippe Bouchet, born 19 March 1956 at Cholet (Maine-et-Loire, France), better known as Manchu, is a science-fiction illustrator.

Colorful ‘Jingle Trucks’ Rule the Road in Pakistan 
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“When people look to hire a truck, they feel that if it looks fancy and newly painted, then it’s probably in better condition and they trust it more.”

'Aachoo!!': Banksy confirms new sneezing woman mural as his latest work… 
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Bansky has confirmed that he is behind an artwork depicting an old woman violently sneezing as her dentures fly into the air.

Philip Glass: ‘My problem is people don’t believe I write symphonies’… 
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About to turn 80, the composer talks about his slow, taxi-driving road to success, and why he is anything but a minimalist…

We Are Built to Forget… 
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We are designed, scientists realized, not only to remember, but also to forget. The first of the neurotransmitters discovered was named anandamide, Sanskrit for bliss.

Meet the Artist Who Does Extreme Close-Ups of Utility Poles… 
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Rosamond Purcell finds stories, landscapes, and more on their mottled surfaces.

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