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♦️ How to learn anything faster with a method from a Nobel Prize winner… 
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The Feynman Technique is a teach-to-learn method that focuses on understanding. Here is how to learn faster with the Feynman Technique.

♦️ How to make decisions like a poker player 
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Thinking in bets is a decision-making framework developed by former professional poker player Annie Duke. It allows you to take luck into consideration.

♦️ How to get lucky in life 
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You can't force luck. But you can increase your chances (by a lot) to get lucky. Luck surface area is a useful concept to create luck.

Second-Order Thinking: How To Make Better Decisions In Life… 
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When Mao Zedong declared war on sparrows with Four Pest Campaign in China, the plan was simple. Since sparrows eat lots of grain seeds and fruits, getting rid of them would increase rice yields.

35+ Mental Model Examples and Their Explanations - Frontera… 
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35+ mental model examples and their explanations. There are four categories: success, decision-making, biases, and human nature.

12 Reasons to Run in the Morning, According to Reddit… 
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We’ve often discussed how to exercise in the morning, from how to actually get out of bed to what you...

The Painfully Shy Developer's Guide to Networking for a Better Job (Without Being Creepy) 
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Sam Julien is a JavaScript developer and teacher. He loves helping people get their first web development job using Node, Angular, Gatsby, and React.

Five Things You Notice When You Quit the News… 

I grew up believing that following the news makes you a better citizen. Eight years after having quit, that idea now seems ridiculous—that consuming a particularly unimaginative information product on a daily basis somehow makes you thoughtful and informed in a way that benefits society. But I still encounter people who balk at the possibility of a smart, engaged adult

Analogical Thinking: A Method For Solving Problems - Larry G. Maguire… 
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In today's weekly article I'm examining how we might use Analogical Thinking as a means for solving problems, and its limitations

The Little Prince: Book Reflection 
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Philosophical books are some of my favourite ones, especially fictional ones (I definitely have a lot of exploring to do!). I recently read the book "The Lit...

Introducing Pause - A Chrome Extension for Intentional Browsing… 
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Stop mindless browsing with Pause, a Chrome Extension by Freedom. Pauses asks you to wait a few seconds before visiting a distracting site - giving you time to reconsider before being distracted.

How to be useless | Psyche Guides… 
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Follow the Daoist way – reclaim your life and happiness by letting go of the need to produce, strive or serve a purpose

Newbie sharing his worldly wisdom, ripped off of someone else...

As I'm new, I thought I'd share a quote from my favorite graphic novel ElfQuest.

How to Spend Less Time on YouTube - Self control for addiction… 
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Maybe I'm paranoid, but I think there's a lot of smart people out there dedicating their life's work to make others keep watching videos. Since YouTube's incomprehensible decision to remove dislikes count it's become even easier to waste time on worthless content. In this blog post, I'll describe a simple trick that helped me start using YouTube in a more deliberate and focused manner.

Ping. Ding. Chirp. Notifications Are Driving Us Crazy.… 
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With workplace tools multiplying and personal messages creeping in, it can be hard to get anything done.

The Real Benefits Of Staying Off Social Media… 

There are quite a few benefits of staying off social media. The main one is unplugging from the virtual prison and experiencing real life.

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