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Scientists Fed Rats Sugary Soda for Two Months and They Got Demonstrably Stupider
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A recent study showed that feeding rats Cola-based soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi caused enough damage to their brains to cause... uh, some... stupidity.

The Real Reason Roe v. Wade was Reversed - Southern Israelite [1.35]
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Platform: southernprotestant.com My Flat earth Encyclopedia: http://southernprotestant.com/2/flatearthencyclopedia.html Novum Curriculum: http://www.southern...

Roman Catholic Boris Johnson & Jesuit Educated Emmanuel Macron, Propose a "Modern Roman Empire" - [4.00]
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Are you saved?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CRRLLZ6Kj4--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Knowing God - An Extraterrestrial Message - Chuck Missler [59.03]
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An Extraterrestrial Message by Chuck MisslerMorning Service January 27, 2013CCF St. Francis SquareDownloads: http://wp.me/pXDjP-4bx

State lotteries transfer wealth out of needy communities, investigation finds
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Lottery retailers in nearly every state are clustered in poor neighborhoods, driving a wealth transfer to multinational corporations.

Wittgenstein's forgotten lesson - Prospect Magazine

Wittgenstein's philosophy is at odds with the scientism which dominates our times. Ray Monk explains why his thought is still relevant.

How To F#€k Up An Airport - The BER Podcast
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How To F#€k Up An Airport: A podcast series about the debacle at BER, Berlin's unfinished airport. Produced by Radio Spaetkauf and RadioEins.

Japan: The Fading Economy
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Japan became the first of the modern Asian countries to experience massive sustained economic growth. Japan had a lot going for it after the end of the war, it was able to rebuild with the help of the allies and go through its own modern industrial revolution. In the 1960s, Japan was growing at a rate of 10% a year which for a national economy was unheard of at the time, this economic growth continued and japan was able to ride the wave of globalization as the world's low-cost manufacturer. Jap…

What Makes Horseshoe Crab Blood So Special? - American Oceans
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Ever wonder why horseshoe crabs are used for their blood? What makes their blood so special? Find out the significant role horseshoe crab blood plays in the medical industry and more here!

Peryton (astronomy) - Wikipedia

In radio astronomy perytons are short radio signals having a duration of a few milliseconds, first identified by the 64-meter Parkes radio telescope in Australia in 1998

How Brian Eno composed the Windows 95 startup sound (1996)
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On his last visit to San Francisco, in 1988, Eno erected a fascinating soundscape called...

How Qantas Ferried an Engine on the Wing of a 747 | Flightradar24 Blog
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Take a closer look at How Qantas Ferried an Engine on the Wing of a 747, learn more about flight tracking and get the latest aviation news with Flightradar24.

Poison Pill: The Mysterious Die-Off of India’s Vultures
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For religious and cultural reasons, most people in India don’t eat beef. Cows are precious and even revered assets, pulling plows and carts, giving milk, and producing dung used for fertilizer and fuel. Slaughtering cattle is taboo to Hindus, so aged animals are allowed to die naturally, with the carcasses left in open fields or taken to dump sites for vultures and other scavengers to consume.

How Does a Cowbird Learn To Be a Cowbird?
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New research explains how these brood parasites—who are raised by other species—still manage to become cowbirds.

Mechanical Watch
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Interactive article explaining how a mechanical watch works.

Why do we call Deutschland Germany?
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The old Louis Armstrong lyric “You say tomāto and I say tomăto” finds a similar disconnect in how people the world over refer to Germany. Why do we call Deutschland Germany? Many countries have a name that they call themselves (known as an endonym) but are called different names by other countries (known as an exonym).

Sounding the alarm: How noise hurts the heart
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Loud road and air traffic has been linked to a greater risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Scientists are uncovering new details about how what you hear stresses the cardiovascular system.

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