A 28 year old med student is auctioning off her virginity online... 
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GET NORM'S AUDIOBOOK FOR FREE: Have you heard Norm read his book? It's one of the best seven hour audio experiences a fella can have. Get it now with a FREE ...

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Literal Video Version) 
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The ORIGINAL! NO commentary in the background! NO annoying cam quality!As you know I did NOT make this. Credit goes to dascottjr. Sung by PersephoneMaewynI a...

Blue (Da Ba Dee) on Electric Devices 
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Eiffel 65's Blue (Da Ba Dee), played by two electric toothbrushes, three credit card machines, two electric typewriters, and one steam iron. In this video, I...

The Mapple Store and Steve Mobs… 
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The Simpsons take a visit to the Mapple Store, and after Lisa gets a huge bill from Mapple, she decides to take a trip to visit Steve Mobs personally.

So It's Wolf of Wall Street, But For Getting Laid 
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Sexy Alison Brie sings Santa Baby 
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Alison Brie sings Santa Baby in a reality show scenario... her performance turns out gasp... too

All of Alison Brie's Raps 
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Enjoy Alison Brie's amazing raptastic abilities. These are all the videos of her rapping currently.

Every Episode of Popular Space Show™ 
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Every episode of Popular Space Show: The Next Generation. I can't believe I shaved my head for this. Support me on Kofi, so I can make more of this rubbish: ...

It is the truth though

I never thought about it this way...

I am a step-mom 
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Thanks for watching! Cast: @Ryan The Leader Based off What It's Like Having A step-mom in 2020 me to say hi? https://www.came...

Leading Questions - Yes Prime Minister 
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Sir Humphrey Appleby demonstrates the use of leading questions to skew an opinion survey to support or oppose National Service (Military Conscription).

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