Lilium Jet Demonstrator Achieves First Main Wing Transition For All-Electric Aircraft
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Watch as Phoenix 2, our 5th Generation all-electric Technology Demonstrator plane, achieves main wing transition – the first time a full-size electric jet ai...

New type of 3D printing uses sound waves to build up objects
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3D printing typically involves depositing layers of molten plastic, laser-melting powdered metal, or using UV light to harden gelatinous resin. A new technique takes yet another approach, however, by utilizing sound waves.

Water treatment plants would be ready for the removal of nanoplastics
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The biologically active, slow-flow sand filters of lake water treatment would remove nanoplastics from the raw water very efficiently. This was shown both in the laboratory and in larger, realistic tests and modelling.

A first for Canada: New type of nuclear plant opening by 2028 - The Weather Network

Small, transportable modules could emerge as future nuclear plants are distributed across Canada.

Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker
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MIT researchers created an ultrathin loudspeaker that can turn any rigid surface into a high-quality, active audio source. The fabrication process can enable the thin-film devices to be produced at scale.

The adverts banned for misleading climate claims
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Consumers can struggle to unravel whether claims about a brand or product's sustainability are accurate, but regulators are cracking down on misleading climate claims in advertising.

Mercedes Drive Pilot Beats Tesla Autopilot By Taking Legal Responsibility
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Mercedes will accept full legal responsibility for the vehicle whenever Drive Pilot is active. The automaker hopes to offer the system in the U.S. by the end of 2022.

In a historic milestone, Azure Quantum demonstrates formerly elusive physics needed to build scalable topological qubits
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Azure Quantum has made a scientific breakthrough to demonstrate the formerly elusive building blocks for a topological qubit.

Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy
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A lab in Oxfordshire takes a big step towards harnessing the energy source of the stars.

John Deere unveils fully autonomous 8R tractor
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“The autonomous 8R tractor is doing something that was once thought impossible,” says Julian Sanchez, director, emerging technology for John Deere.

Doing good while being selfishness

short introduction of how to combine social impact and your ego

IBM and Samsung Unveil Semiconductor Breakthrough That Defies Conventional Design
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IBM and Samsung Electronics jointly announced a breakthrough in semiconductor design utilizing a new vertical transistor architecture that demonstrates a path to scaling beyond nanosheet, and has the potential to reduce energy usage by 85 percent.

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