4-Day Workweek Brings No Loss of Productivity, Companies in Experiment Say
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More than 70 companies in Britain are undergoing a six-month experiment in which their employees get a paid day off each week. So far, most companies say it’s going well.

In the Battle Over the Right to Repair, Open-Source Tractors Offer an Alternative
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Proponents say an open-source farm equipment ecosystem is key to a future of more innovative, repairable, and environmentally adapted tools.

Live Coverage of NASA's Artemis I Mission to the Moon
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NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind.

BMW Heated Seats Subscription Is Real And It Costs $18 Per Month
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BMW South Korea has introduced subscription plans for heated seats alongside similar monthly plans for various safety systems and a heated steering wheel.

Gas and Nuclear Turn Green as EU Parliament Approves New Taxonomy | Earth.Org
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Set to enter into force on 1 January 2023, the taxonomy will allow nuclear and gas to be marketed as green investments on financial markets.

Europe wants a high-speed rail network to replace airplanes
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Ambitious plans envisage train links between major cities as a way to meet goals of carbon neutrality, but campaigners say cooperation across borders, not to mention raising the enormous investment needed, will be tricky.

Dr. Vernon Coleman: We Have Six Months of Freedom Left – The Expose
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In April 2022, I made a video in which I predicted that we had eight months of freedom left. I stand by the timing. We now have six months left – and th

Driverless Robotaxi Fleet Paralyzed for Hours in San Francisco
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Apparently, the first system breakdown of a driverless robot taxi fleet occurred. In San Francisco, at least a dozen autonomous Chevrolet Bolts from GM Cruise Automation were spotted blocking the i…

Lilium Jet Demonstrator Achieves First Main Wing Transition For All-Electric Aircraft
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Watch as Phoenix 2, our 5th Generation all-electric Technology Demonstrator plane, achieves main wing transition – the first time a full-size electric jet ai...

New type of 3D printing uses sound waves to build up objects
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3D printing typically involves depositing layers of molten plastic, laser-melting powdered metal, or using UV light to harden gelatinous resin. A new technique takes yet another approach, however, by utilizing sound waves.

Water treatment plants would be ready for the removal of nanoplastics
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The biologically active, slow-flow sand filters of lake water treatment would remove nanoplastics from the raw water very efficiently. This was shown both in the laboratory and in larger, realistic tests and modelling.

A first for Canada: New type of nuclear plant opening by 2028 - The Weather Network

Small, transportable modules could emerge as future nuclear plants are distributed across Canada.

Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker
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MIT researchers created an ultrathin loudspeaker that can turn any rigid surface into a high-quality, active audio source. The fabrication process can enable the thin-film devices to be produced at scale.

The adverts banned for misleading climate claims
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Consumers can struggle to unravel whether claims about a brand or product's sustainability are accurate, but regulators are cracking down on misleading climate claims in advertising.

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