Caring for the only known full kākāpō feather cloak in the world - British Museum Blog
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How do you set about conserving an extremely fragile Māori cloak, made from the feathers of a critically endangered parrot, while observing culturally appropriate practices? This was the balancing act facing a joint team from Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland (PMAG), and the British Museum, and the results have led not only to a

Space Shuttle Carrying 747 Was Secretly Modified To Defend Itself From Heat-Seeking Missiles (Updated)
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NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft was secretly equipped with infrared countermeasures for its high-profile 1983 European tour.

The Rise And Fall Of Chimerica | NOEMA
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For decades, America gave China a vision of future prosperity. But today, America has mostly ceased to offer a model for China or anywhere else, leaving China’s leaders without a guide as they chart a course into a future filled with potential turmoil.

The Oompa Loompas Were African Slaves In The 1964 Book
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The Oompa Loompas from the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which starred Gene Wilder, bring back fond memories for many of us But author Roald Dahl's original concept for them -- as African tribespeople imported to work in a London factory-- wasn't ready for the big screen, or any screen at all.

A Media-Fueled Social Panic Over Unmarked Graves
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Not a single body has been unearthed. But Canadians wouldn’t know it from the false information reported in The New York Times.

Inquisition Update featuring Ken Bear Chief: Jesuit sexual holocaust on Native Americans (May 2011) - [49.26]
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Also watch 'Investigating pedophile Jesuit priests in Alaska, Alaska Insight report (Jan.4, 2019)' : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGEkZgXtO4c , 'Lawyer Je...

The dangerous playgrounds of 1900s through vintage photographs - Rare Historical Photos
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If it seems like today’s kids have gotten “softer” compared to the kids decades ago, perhaps it’s because playgrounds have gotten softer as well.

Rulers of Evil’ by F. Tupper Saussy - Introduction - Read by Jorg [36.36]
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Rulers of Evil’ by F. Tupper Saussy - Introduction - Read by Jorg [36.36] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reDZ_0uRiC8&list=PLLwcrpIAcjm9FzL2wbP9LD2LpkhTs0i1w&index=3 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf8pXpMRcLXvrorWm9Pf_3oLlnk5vwavJ Download the book here: https://archive.org/details/rulersofevilf.tuppersaussy joggler https://archive.org/details/%40joggler?&sort=-publicdate&page=2

A 2000-year-old postcard
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Sending greetings to friends and family from places we visit has always been popular. Whether we text, call or just post something on social media, we love to let others know about where we travel and what we see there. Although we may associate tourism with modern or postmodern society,...

CRT Manufacturing

This January 4, 1954 Oregonian article features the construction of the new CRT building.

The jerrycan design goes back over 80 years, and it’s showing no signs of retirement
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Now and again, an invention becomes so ubiquitous that it becomes practically invisible. Really, when's the last time you thought about the jerrycan?

When Cigarette Companies Used Doctors to Push Smoking
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Before studies showed that cigarettes caused cancer, tobacco companies recruited the medical community for their ads.

Monumental Record
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Recently discovered papyri give unprecedented insight into the lives of the workers building the Great Pyramid of Giza.

How the Ancient Romans Went to the Bathroom
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A new book by journalist Lina Zeldovich traces the management of human waste—and underscores poop's potential as a valuable resource

Back when it was normal to advertise cocaine gadgets in magazines, 1970-1980 - Rare Historical Photos
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These vintage ads for cocaine and cocaine paraphernalia show how crazy and disturbing the 1970s were. Cocaine accessories ads on magazines!

The Greatest Unsolved Heist in Irish History
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Scandal, conspiracy, and cover-ups in the theft of the "Irish Crown Jewels" from Dublin Castle.

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