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20-things no longer uses phone numbers

As previously announced, we are dropping this requirement.

Remove phone number requirement at signup?

It seem like more and more sites require this, should we think differently?

Where Are The Robotic Bricklayers?
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When researching construction, you invariably discover that any new or innovative idea has actually been tried over and over again, often stretching back decades. One of these new-but-actually-old ideas is the idea of a mechanical bricklayer, a machine to automate the construction of masonry walls.

Building a Vision of Life Without Work
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The number one question that people ask once you tell them you’re considering early retirement is:  What will you do with your time?

Survey Shows People No Longer Believe Working Hard Will Lead To A Better Life
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The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer – now in its 20th year – has found many people no longer believe working hard will give them a better life.

easyJet CEO questions need of PCR testing requirements
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easyJet CEO has big concerns about the need for PCR testing prior to flying into a low infection rate country.

Why is the deathbed perspective considered so valuable?
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Do deathbed regrets give us a special insight into what really matters in life? There are good reasons to be skeptical...

Opinion: Universal Basic Income is Superior to a $15 Minimum Wage
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The Basic Income Today Community was created to provide news and information and to further the discussion and debate about UBI.

I Miss Blogging
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Twitter and Facebook are not all bad, but they have changed how we think about the news of the world.

Have We Already Been Visited by Aliens?
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An eminent astrophysicist argues that signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life have appeared in our skies. What’s the evidence for his extraordinary claim?

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Random Thoughts

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