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Can’t qualify for a mortgage

…after paying $160,000 to landlords over 10 years. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Why Isn’t New Technology Making Us More Productive?
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Innovations like cloud computing and artificial intelligence are hailed as engines of a coming productivity revival. But a broad payoff across the economy has been elusive.

Feeling uncomfortable when leaving phone at home shouldn't be normal.

Recently, I left my phone home while leaving for a Sunday trip with family. I left it because it had really low power left and I had no power bank.

Overloaded: is there simply too much culture?
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With so much film, TV, music, books, streaming, games and podcasts easily available and vying for our attention, how can we absorb it all? And should we even try, asks Anne Helen Petersen

Criticism of democracy - Wikipedia

..."an ignorant vote counts for the exact same as an informed vote. In order to be an informed voter one must have extensive knowledge of the candidate’s current and previous political beliefs/tendencies"

Thoughts: The seat
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Every day I visit the garden to touch this old seat to remember my memories with you on this old seat.

Thoughts: Near to the river
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Indeed I have many dreams and I think I need to live in many places at the same time I don’t know how but I think my soul does that

Why is laughter contagious?
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Contagious laughter reinforces social bonds via targeted endorphin release.

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Random Thoughts

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