Washable Antimicrobial Mouses
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The Silver Storm wireless waterproof mouse is a health-focused peripheral for avid technology users that will enable them to keep their workstation as clean as possible between uses.

Audi abandons combustion engine development

Audi has stopped the development of new combustion engines. In an interview, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann justified the decision with the EU plans for a stricter Euro 7 emissions standard.

Spain to launch trial of four-day working week
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Government agrees to proposal from leftwing party Más País allowing companies to test reduced hours

China debuts train prototype that can hit speeds of 620 kilometers per hour
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China has revealed a prototype for a new high-speed Maglev train that is capable of reaching speeds of 620 kilometers (385 miles) per hour. The train runs on high-temperature superconducting (HTS) power that makes it look as if the train is floating along the magnetized tracks.

Shops return to rural Sweden but are now staff-free
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In Sweden shops with no staff are popular in rural locations that have lost their local shops.

Mars: Nasa's Perseverance rover sends stunning images
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Amazing images as Nasa's Perseverance rover lands on Mars and seeks signs of past microbial life.

The Mars Helicopter is Online and Getting Ready to Fly
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Earth is the only planet in the solar system with aircraft capable of sustained flight. Suppose the ground-breaking Ingenuity helicopter, currently stowed aboard the similarly spectacular Mars Perseverance rover, accomplishes its planned mission. In that case, Mars will become the second planet to have a powered aircraft fly through its atmosphere. 

Sergey Brin’s airship aims to use world’s biggest mobile hydrogen fuel cell
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Sergey Brin’s secretive airship company LTA Research and Exploration is planning to power a huge disaster relief airship with an equally record-breaking hydrogen fuel cell.

Everything You Need to Know About NASA's Perseverance Rover Landing on Mars

Just before 4PM ET on February 18 (this Thursday), NASA’s Perseverance rover will attempt to land on Mars.

Spotify is letting employees work from anywhere — while still paying San Francisco and New York salaries
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Unlike other tech giants, the steaming service said it won't cut worker's pay if they decide to move away from major cities.

Jesse Ventura rages at billionaires, calls for "maximum wage"
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The former Minnesota governor called out the financial system and claimed capitalism's flaws were being exposed.

SpaceX launches a record-breaking mission, sends laser-linked Starlink satellites to the polar orbit
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SpaceX achieves another milestone, sends the most number of satellites on a single mission to date. Starlink satellites are now laser linked, more.

Electric car batteries with five-minute charging times produced
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Exclusive: first factory production means recharging could soon be as fast as filling up petrol or diesel vehicles

Audi announces end of combustion A4, A6 & A8 models

Audi is giving its A4 and A6 models an end date as combustion engines. The same is said to apply to the A8. Even in plug-in hybrids Audi apparently no longer wants to invest heavily. These decisions are likely to be the cornerstones of the exit plan from the internal combustion engine drawn up under Audi CEO Markus Duesmann.

The DeLorean might be coming back as an electric car - Electrek
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The DMC DeLorean has been out of production for almost 40 years, but now we’ve learned that the iconic vehicle might be coming back as an electric car.

Virgin Orbit launches rocket off a 747 aircraft, puts nine satellites in space
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A 70-foot rocket, riding beneath the wing of a retrofitted Boeing 747 aircraft, detached from the plane and fired itself into Earth's orbit on Sunday — marking the first successful launch for the California-based rocket startup Virgin Orbit.

A Colonoscopy Alternative Comes Home
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An at-home test for colon cancer is as reliable as the traditional screening, health experts say, and more agreeable.

General Motors unveils EV van as part of new commercial business unit
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The EV600 van will be the first vehicle under a new commercial business unit within GM called BrightDrop.