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Eric Foner · The Corrupt Bargain: Democracy? No thanks.

Rooted in distrust of ordinary citizens and, like so many other features of American life, in the institution of slavery...

Ghosts at the museum

Inexplicable noises, spectral sightings, sudden drops in temperature – something strange is going on at the British Museum. As the clamour over colonial restitution grows, Killian Fox investigates the collection’s restless objects

Demand Nothing Less than a Visionary Future - Brandon Letsinger

We are undergoing a Tipping Point Event. Assess the data to demand a visionary future As a society, we are more connected than ever before. However, until we learn to manage this connectivity better, these extreme disruptions are expected to become more numerous and severe. Based on projections for economic growth in 2020, the impact of …

What would you do if you lost your Google account?

In this article author is researching what happens when you forget your password or lose your phone. What information will Google want to know about you and how can you best prepare for this situation so you don’t lose access to your account completely.

20-Things status update

Because users should be kept in the loop.

20-Things development update for April 25th 2020

Just another update on what's new and what's cooking :)

Developer update for April 21st 2020

Another quick update on the status of 20-Things development

Millennials Don’t Stand a Chance

They’re facing a second once-in-a-lifetime downturn at a crucial moment.

White House advisor Dr. Fauci says handshaking needs to stop even when pandemic ends—other experts agree

White House advisor Anthony Fauci gave insight on what the "new normal" will be for Americans after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and it includes giving up handshaking indefinitely. Other experts agree, and what to do instead.

Coronavirus: To Swedes, it's the rest of the world engaging in a reckless experiment

OPINION: Faced with what many see as a manageable illness, Sweden has decided that lockdown is the real risk.

Misery Makers (selfish interests of private equity)

Whitney Wimbish writes that private equity "goons" have concocted a financial racket “so hidden . . . that it’s practically impossible to know for certain whether private equity isn’t just one giant pyramid scheme.”

20-Things developer update

Just a few words on current development status and planned features.