Old Abandoned German Prison Exploration… 

In this episode, we explore an extremely old prison complex in a small rural German town. We were surprised at what we found inside!

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Exploring the Abandoned Royal Hotel - Hachijo Island… 

In this episode we're traveling to the remote volcanic island of Hachijo to explore the abandoned Royal Hotel. The hotel opened in the 1960's during the island's first tourism boom, and shut down permanently in 2006 after Japanese tourists started choosing international destinations over domestic ones.

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This Chinese Factory Makes $100,000 Architectural Models… 

Today we're visiting RJ Models, one of the top architectural model making factories in China. And it's amazing! It's a blend of high tech computerized tools like laser cutters, CNC mills, and high end 3d printers alongside old fashioned meticulous hand model making by skilled craftsmen. And the scale is unbelievable - 500 employees!

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