Just a helmet I made

Inspired by Daft Punk of course.

In pictures: The faded beauty of abandoned cars 

Photographer Dieter Klein searched Europe and the US to discover cars lost to time.

Rapsfeld im Vorpommern 

Landscape with Rape in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Lund University Library… 

Lund University Library in Sweden is a public research library and study center open to all. At Lund University Library you will find all Swedish print and great historical collections.

In Italy, four generations in a coronavirus lockdown… 

Even in Italy, where extended family relations run deep,  Marzio Toniolo's tale of a coronavirus lockdown is unusual - four generations cooped up in one house.


Ikema-Ohashi is the bridge that connects Miyako Island with Ikema Island in the north of Miyako Island, Okinawa. The ocean around it is junst incredibly blue and clear. You can stay there and just look at it forever. I hope this picture gives an idea about how beautiful this place is. If you ever visit Miyako, this place is a MUST see!

Tito’s Cave, a symbol of Yugoslav resistance 

A cave in the western town of Drvar that served as a base to Yugoslav resistance leader Josip Broz Tito when in 1944 the occupying Germans attempted to kill him.


Can't wait to go back there again :)

USS John F. Kennedy[email protected]/3224… 

Big John at sea. Well, this trip back to the navy yard was very interesting. We were surrounded by US Federal Navy Police who found it necessary to delete all images from our friends camera. It must have been a quiet Saturday at the yard and the boys needed to stir up some trouble.