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What's a virus, anyway? Part 1: The bare-bones basics - Scope

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, viruses are getting a lot of attention; here's an inside look into the most abundant life form on Earth.

How Pulleys Work

Another interesting video from SmarterEveryDay.

The Ingenious Way TV Logos Were Made Before Computers

A recent photo posted online revealed a fascinating history of the lengths TV stations would go to for dynamic logos.

Central de Abasto (MEXICO) is one of the biggest markets in the world

Located in the eastern borough of Iztapalapa, it is the most important commercial establishment in Mexico and the largest of its kind in the world.

Press Release: Pollution From Tyre Wear 1,000 Times Worse Than Exhaust Emissions — Emissions Analytics

Pollution from tyre wear can be 1,000 times worse than what comes out of a car’s exhaust, Emissions Analytics has found.

The Incredible Way Michael Jackson Wrote Music | NME

If you’ve ever heard the below early demo of ‘Beat It’, you’ll know Michael Jackson’s extraordinary process of writing songs – by building each element of a track with his voice. Every note of every chord, harmony, melody, bass and even the rhythm through beat-boxing. The full harmonies will blow your mind: Jackson couldn’t read …

Proper table settings

What goes where on the table and which glasses go with what drinks

The Great Colombian Morse Code Song

Listening to the radio was one of the few luxuries afforded to FARC prisoners, at least according to the accounts of former hostages. Colonel Jose Espejo, who was heading up the rescue mission, wondered if there was any way to broadcast a message over the radio that only the soldiers would understand. He needed to create an audio Trojan Horse, something that seemed like a normal broadcast but which was in fact a vehicle for delivering a covert message.

It's official - screens are bad for young brains

It’s no secret — screens aren’t the best babysitter for children. And now, a study that looks at screen time and children’s brain development shows, in blazing color, why they might be even worse for your kids than originally thought. In fact, the study, which was released in November 2019, indicates early screen use might actually impede your child’s brain development.

Sweden gives all employees time off to be entrepreneurs

For the last 20 or so years, workers in Sweden have enjoyed an unusual perk – a statutory right to take six months off and start their own business.

Why so many of the world’s oldest companies are in Japan

The country has 33,000 businesses at least a century old. How have so many survived – and what does it mean for Japan’s future?

Crypto AG - a Swiss company

Crypto AG was a Swiss company specializing in communications and information security. It was secretly jointly owned by the American CIA and West German intelligence agency BND from 1970 until about 1993, with the CIA continuing as sole owner until about 2018.

How smallpox claimed its final victim

In the summer of 1978, the last known case of smallpox was reported, claiming the life of 40-year-old medical photographer Janet Parker. But how did the disease, thought to have been eradicated across the world, come to be in Britain's second city?

Loudness war

The loudness war (or loudness race) refers to the trend of increasing audio levels in recorded music, which reduces audio fidelity, and according to many critics, listener enjoyment. Increasing loudness was first reported as early as the 1940s, with respect to mastering practices for 7" singles.