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How Iran’s diaspora are using old-school tech to fight censorship at home
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With the threat of another big internet blackout looming, companies are creating workarounds for Iranians using satellite dishes as conduits for the web.

There is a Tesla statue which radiates free WiFi
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A statue of the inventor Nikola Tesla -- equipped with free Wi-Fi and a time capsule to be opened in 2043 -- was unveiled in Palo Alto on Dec. 7.

How To Scrape Pinterest Profile Pages & Website URL

So this one took me while to figure out, but I have worked out how you can scrape user profiles for any given niche and also grab their website address if they have on. You will first need some key words for your niche. I will assume you know how this is done. No w

HPP: A ‘Cool’ Innovation in Food Packaging
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The added shelf life benefit of HPP could produce savings across the production and distribution spectrum.

The Most Valuable Airspace in the World
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Get your world globe out. You'll see that a polar route is often the most direct way to get from many places in the Northern Hemisphere to other places in the Northern Hemisphere, where most of us live. But there is one big problem: so many of those polar routes go over Russia. The USSR didn't allow other countries to use their airspace. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia relaxed the restrictions, but only to a point.

How Micro Drill Bits Are Made
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Find out how tiny drill bits are made and packaged in factories.

How airplanes counteract St. Elmo's Fire during thunderstorms
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At the height of a thunderstorm, the tips of cell towers, telephone poles, and other tall, electrically conductive structures can spontaneously emit a flash of blue light. This electric glow, known as a corona discharge, is produced when the air surrounding a conductive object is briefly ionized by an electrically charged environment.

Anti-crime color balls
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Dear Alice, I've spotted pairs of plastic Day-Glo orange baseballs sitting in polystyrene containers behind the counter at banks and convenience stores...

How Your Heart Influences What You Perceive and Fear
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The heartbeat and other bodily processes play a surprising role in shaping perception and cognition.

The Economics Of The Art Market: Why This Painting Isn't Worth $450 Million
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What drives the high-end art market? How can art be used to move money in creative ways and get around taxes? And perhaps above all, why would anyone park so much money in a picture when there are other asset classes that actually generate cash, like real estate rentals or dividend-paying stocks?

How agonising surgery paved the way for anaesthetics
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In Victorian times, surgery was painful, brutal – and often a death sentence. But the discovery of drugs which put the patient into blissful sleep was a step towards safer operations.

Why Birds Can Fly Over Mount Everest
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Dear Bella,I’m going to imitate Rudyard Kipling and tell you a just-so story. Kipling was one of the most popular writers in the…

Gall–Peters projection
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The Gall–Peters projection is a rectangular map projection that maps all areas such that they have the correct sizes relative to each other. Like any equal-area projection, it achieves this goal by distorting most shapes.

Why Expanding Highways Makes Traffic Worse
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More driving means more congested traffic. So to reduce congestion, it makes sense to build more highway lanes so that more cars can fit. Right? Actually, no. A new report from the policy organization Transportation for America shows that doesn’t work at all.

When U.S. air force discovered the flaw of averages
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In the early 1950s, a young lieutenant realized the fatal flaw in the cockpit design of U.S. air force jets. Todd Rose explains in an excerpt from his...

Bumblebees' 'clever trick' fools plants into flower
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Scientists discover a new behaviour among bumblebees that tricks plants into flowering early.

Listening for Nuclear Tests at the Top of the World
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At Qaanaaq, in Greenland, there's IS18: an infrasound station that's quietly listening for nuclear tests — or any other large bang. Here's what, why, and a f...

Lake Nyos, Cameroon
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Sitting atop an old volcano, a deadly brew of carbon dioxide percolates at the bottom of the lake.