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The Air Force Is Having To Reverse Engineer Parts Of Its Own Stealth Bomber
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Twenty-one years after the last Spirit was delivered, the Air Force is working out how to build the exotic spare parts the bomber requires.

Tropical race 4 - TR4

Tropical race 4 (TR4) is the name of the fungal strain that causes Fusarium wilt (aka Panama disease) in Cavendish cultivars under the race concept, an informal rank under the one of forma specialis (special form).

The inside story behind Pfizer and BioNTech's new vaccine brand name, Comirnaty
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Comirnaty. It’s a name we’ll all know soon. The new brand for Pfizer and BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine, Comirnaty mashes up community, immunity, mRNA and COVID—pretty much everything that could fit into the moniker for the world's most high-profile product at the moment.

Why the Wingdings font exists
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Wingdings — that symbol font on your computer — has a storied legacy both in digital and print.

What "Orwellian" really means
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If you’ve watched the news or followed politics, chances are you’ve heard the term Orwellian thrown around in one context or another. But have you ever stopped to think about what it really means, or why it’s used so often? Noah Tavlin dissects the term.

How a sewing machine bobbin works
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Have you wondered how your sewing machine makes stitches? We show you how the bobbin mechanism of a sewing machine works to create stitches when you're sewin...

Who Wants To Be a Thousandaire?
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Michael Larson had a lot of time and TVs on his hands, and he used them to hack one of his favorite game shows.

Poznan. The clams filter the water. They check whether the water is polluted or clean
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They are more accurate than complicated devices in the laboratory, they know “something is wrong” faster and cannot be fooled. In Poznań, mussels have been keeping water purity for 26 years. The TVN24 reporter checked what exactly their “work” is all about and whether the inconspicuous barks have raised the alarm.

In Pictures: How much plastic are you eating?

Plastic production surged in the last 50 years, and we could be ingesting equivalent of a credit card of plastic a week.

[PDF] Quick guide to the security features of euro banknotes

Do you know the security features of euro banknotes? This guide tells you all about them. It provides an overview of the most important security features on each of the euro banknotes – from €5 up to €500.

Karl Griesbaum whistler automaton - how it works
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If you ever wondered how this worked - here is your answer you were looking for.

A Chain Just Cut Through A Capsized Cargo Ship Filled With Cars And The Process Is Fascinating
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Back in September of 2019, a 600+ foot cargo ship called the MV Golden Ray, which was apparently loaded in an unstable fashion with over 4,000 cars, capsized in St. Simons Sound just off the port of Brunswick, Georgia. Since then, responders have been working to remove the ship in sections to send the hulk to the scrapper. November was particularly exciting, as workers used a chain to cut off the first enormous chunk of ship, revealing mangled cars within. Here’s at look at the fascinating way …

1950s Payola Scandal
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It was an era when radio DJ’s could make or break an artist. They had complete control over when and how often a record was played.

Dreamliner crew rest: The secret space where your 787 pilots, attendants sleep
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The onboard experience on most long-haul flights follows a similar routine. After settling in and taking off, flight attendants typically come through the aisles with a meal and drink service. Once the first service is complete, the overhead lights are typically dimmed. Passengers then either doze off, catch up on work or watch a movie …

Updating an Old Way to Leave the Baby on the Doorstep
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Advanced versions of the Middle Ages’ “founding wheel” are proliferating through Europe, allowing unwanted babies to be abandoned safely.