20-Things is intended to be safe and fun for everyone

20-Things is a free service. We don't ask much of you. All we ask is that you take these rules seriously while you are using our service.


No pornography

We do not allow pornography or sexually explicit content. We will cooperate with law enforcement and we will report child exploitation.

No violence and harmful content

Do not post violent, gory or content that encourages others to do harm.

No hate speech, harassment and bullying

Do not engage in any of the following:

No spamming, manipulation and multiple account abuse

You are allowed to register only one account.

Do not submit links or content with links to websites or businesses you own or are associated with.

No deceptive content

Spreading false information is not permitted. Please doublecheck your sources.

No personal and confidential information

It is not permitted to post personally identifiable or confidential information.

No illegal activities

We will cooperate with law enforcement and report any illegal activities detected on our infrastructure.

No impersonation

Do not impersonate real persons, brands or groups. This is illegal.

No copyright and trademark infringement

You may only submit content to which you are the copyright owner.