Drug epidemic

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Here in Phoenix we’re seeing a huge increase in the use of fentanyl, molly, OxyContin etc used by young people. Mexican drug cartels are producing highly addictive and sometimes toxic versions of these drugs that are very cheap and easily available here in the street. I go around and interview these people that are on the streets addicted to these drugs and some are as young as 17.I post the interviews on YouTube page name Lost in Phoenix so that parents and young people can see the effects of drug use. Is this happening in your community yet?

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Thank you for going around and interviewing these people. I hope what you’re doing will help them get help. I have noticed what you’re talking about as well. It is a constant struggle and while adults are chasing after their careers, they neglect their children and they end up using drugs, one way or another. I wish there was an easy way out of this mess. Education alone may not be enough... I think that the parents need to spend a lot more time with their children and currently that is not possible because we work way too much...

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