Picked-up my Punkt phone yesterday

Punkt MP02 "dumphone"

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I've been wanting a dumphone for ages because I have an addictive personality; better for me to remove temptation than to fight.

So, I did tonnes of research over the last year or so. Punkt, when I first looked, had bad reviews because of shitty software. I also wanted some kind of online messaging system. They fixed both of those issues recently (the latter, with Signal), so I cashed-out some leave from work and ordered my phone.


Been using it for a day-and-a-half and never been happier! Still have the habit of wanting to quickly look-up something, but just "let go" (I'll link to a blog about this in the future). Really, I feel that it can help to change my life, get me back some focus that even meditation and adding "office hours" to my job is struggling to do.

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Awesome, I'm happy for you! I wanted the same, got one from Nokia, but it lacked features like signal/telegram. Does Punkt have Telegram support?

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