Holiday plans for this summer?

Are you going to take a holiday?

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I'm hoping to spend a few quiet weeks in Spain, if things work out. What about you?

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Majorca is to where one of our most famous crooked businessmen, Christopher Skase, ran away, to avoid prison in Australia. I'll certainly keep your recommendation in mind. Can understand the choice of short flights, as I travelled with a toddler before too... we tried to break up the flights (Perth is far from everywhere).

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Spain would be awesome. I'm planning to go there and even learning Spanish. I'll try to get there for the next northern summer. Have you been there before?

As for this summer, it's still six months away, but I don't think I'll leave Western Australia, just take some time-off over Xmas and see family (yes, Xmas in summer).

I've actually just come off a small break for some minor, elective surgery. It was good to get away for a bit, even if it's just from work or my town.

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