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It's almost 23 (11 pm) over here and I decided to finally launch this new feature I've been working on.

6 12  20 things Atko

Users should now be able to create or moderate up to 3 communities. This needs some testing and fine-tuning, but you should be able to reserve that name you always wanted.

Have fun! 😃

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Can I make a sub about firearms?

1 Adhdferret reply

What are the limits within this site? I dont want to upset this community is all.

2 Adhdferret reply

I like the "up to 3" model you have here. I'm obviously new, coming from Reddit and looking for a similar site that is NOT Reddit. That "up to 3", as opposed to "moderate infinite communities until you are controlling everyone!", is refreshing to hear.

2 Magusat999 reply

Thanks, Atko. Seems to be working, though a post hasn't shown on the frontpage yet. Not sure if it's supposed to?

2 lonelyrobot reply

This is a great, thank you!

Can we please use punctuation in the intro? I'm trying to create a community, but get an error message asking me to use "letters and numbers". I wouldn't mind using a comma or apostrophe 😃

1 lonelyrobot reply

Awesome! Thanks!

1 bumblebee reply