Android Apps: Discover Content that matters for you

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Apps who can ease your thirst for knowledge thats really interesting for you, as those apps fine tune the input you gave them and recommend more articles/content of this kind.


Inshorts displays news in a 60 words summarize, your personal feed can be set based on "tags"


Goodreads is like a social network for books, your ratings on books define what recommendations appear. Be aware that some categories are hidden inside the search and must be followed manually


Refind presents you a daily dose of blog articles , the amount can be configured up to 25 and every article is meant to be rated by you to get better matches every following day


R Discovery helps to find research publications from your favorite topics and works similar to Refind: Hide or like the article and the algorythm shows more relevant science


Mallzee is like the clothes equivalent to tinder, swipe left or right and the app learns what other clothes can fit to your style


Justwatch was designed to display latest shows and movies on the streaming platforms you are actually in, besides that it will show you what other people who viewed the same content also like


Youtube is designed to learn from likes and playtime of certain videos , its startpage will get more precise the more you view. Its ability to create "subprofiles" can be used to have different recommendations per needed content (like one for music, the other for tutorials and so on)

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