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So I created an account because of the giveaway I saw on reddit. Reddit has a massive amount of issues, that will probably never get fixed. So far this site seems like a dumbed down version of reddit. I know it is only in the alpha stages, but I would like to know where this site is going. A while ago there was an AMA on reddit for a social media based on news with a kind of wiki theme. To be honest when I went to create an account my initial thoughts were that this site is a very detailed phishing attack to sell emails and phone numbers that are to guaranteed to work.

My question is this to either whoever created the site or people who joined same time I did: what is this site's goal, what will 20 things look like in a few year? Or what do we want the site to do?

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Another quick comment: today I launched a new feature which allows the users to fully delete their account, including phone number, username, e-mail address. Please read this post for more info: https://20-things.com/Thing?thingId=499

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Hi, founder of 20-Things here. Thank you for your question and for raising your concerns. We will never sell or give your data to a 3rd party unless required by US Law, and this is also stated in our Privacy Policy. The only reason we require a phone number during registration is to prevent or minimize spam and abuse, and for the past few months since we've been up, this has proven to work quite well. Why? Because with minimum spam and abuse, it costs much less to operate 20-Things, both in time (moderation intervention) and money.

I believe that there is more than enough "room" on the internet for more than one community. The world would be a better place if there was no centralization of power/media/wealth etc.

I don't see 20-Things ever growing to become larger than Reddit, rather, I believe that signups should be closed once a certain number of people start to actively use it. Again, smaller community costs a lot less to operate, and as such, could be even operated on donations alone, or through selling a voluntary subscription in patreon style, without ever even having to use advertising.

I hope this answers your question and please feel free to raise any other concerns that you may have regarding 20-Things.

Thank you.

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