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I hope Atko can answer me

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Hi. I'm an ex Voat user. One of the normal ones. I've got a little bit scared by this site rules. Since I'm interested in conspiracies, I wonder how I'm supposed to talk about conspiracies without offending anyone. Are this site rules supposed to be literal? Why so many rules, instead of the three basic rules from Voat: 1 No illegal, 2 No Spam, 3 No Doxing. Why did you change from free speech absolutist to a copy and paste of Reddit?

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This site is just a tool. In order to keep the site running and usable (signal/noise), it should be free from spam and illegal content (US law). That's about it.

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Still don't belive it is me? Look at you in your pursuit to be a gaping asshole!

I say you are an asshole because like the asshole all it is that you can produce is SHIT!

Edit...there you could have just asked and I would remove myself chicken shit...

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Well I am not vaxxed, no would I ever be.

You however will always be a concern troll without anything of your own that must sow your putrid character everywhere you go.

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Concern trolling is what this is right?

Personally I hope you resist arrest and end up a Twitter bio.

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