Hi there, fancy pants ;-)

What is this place?

20-Things is a social media community where people gather to share and talk about various topics (called things).

You can share links

You can share links to news or other articles, links to blog posts, videos, images and anything and everything you stumble upon while browsing the internet.

You can write stories

You can share your thoughts, write short stories or start a new discussion.

You can upload and share photos

You can upload and share your photos with the world.

If people respond, you will be notified

If someone posts a comment to a thing you shared, you will receive a notification directly to your 20-Things Inbox. If you leave comments on things other people shared, they will also be notified.

How do I begin?

You can start by creating your free 20-Things account and then clicking on Share a Link if you wish to share a link, Share a Photo if you wish to share a photo or Write a Post if you wish to share a story or start a new topic for discussion.