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Little something I made.
3 2/4/2022 8:06:42 PM

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I used to think so myself, however I recent years I been experiencing first hand what the adulting shit really is.

It is just accountability man, it isnt predatory at all, you have to take steps is all....99% of the people bitching about rent have done everything they were told...everything!

They never went to make a single life changing decision for their own life, it was graduate school,go to college, assume life crippling debt, major in some bullshit that you have no idea what the projected salary will be.

On and don't work like that at all, you know this?

You have to make the game up as you go along with morality and hate to say....grind. lots of grind and sweat, most importantly....lots of failure till something works.

So what you paid 160k in rent through your life? Sounds like that was a personal choice that you could have mitigated the cost by being in a trailer house or saving it for a caravan and nice vehicle to pull it?

Too many of these Twitter types want to think there is something owed to them. Well it isnt and the world hates you, no one cares, no one ever will.

Use what you got to get what you want


Still don't belive it is me? Look at you in your pursuit to be a gaping asshole!

I say you are an asshole because like the asshole all it is that you can produce is SHIT!

Edit...there you could have just asked and I would remove myself chicken shit...


Well I am not vaxxed, no would I ever be.

You however will always be a concern troll without anything of your own that must sow your putrid character everywhere you go.


Concern trolling is what this is right?

Personally I hope you resist arrest and end up a Twitter bio.


Explain to me how the hell someone could hack a permanently banned account that no one has seen in over 8y?

By the way it shows in those where you acquired the sub, and I didn't. I moderated it with you till cupcake banned me.

Your disconnect right here alone shows exactly what you are about! You are a subversive and damaging element to everywhere you go.

If logging into a permanently suspended 8y account isn't proof enough for you...then nothing will be.

@atko this is what was created from your work...trolls that have nothing to do, but sow discontent and suspicion among the user base.

But you know when you commented about that you didn't make voat, we did...and it was up to us to use it for good....sorry I realized it too late.

In fairness I finally did...weeks before it shut down, and I will say thank you for the opportunity to be something better than I was.


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Little something I made.
3 2/4/2022 8:06:42 PM

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What are the limits within this site? I dont want to upset this community is all.


Milling means to finish the part in order for its functionality as its intent for the weapon.

I started from a chunk of aluminum and cut into two pieces to make both of the parts.

Now here in USA there are some states in which you are not allowed to manufacture your own guns (ghost guns) those states being NY, CT, MA, and can do so in California, but you must apply for a serial number from the state before you are allowed to begin.

Now the lower (where the fire control group is located) ie trigger is the part that requires the serial.

In my state, Oklahoma none of that shit is needed and or required. There is actually a part in our bill of rights within the country that allows us to do this.

No serial number or registration, but it has some rules, you cannot sell or transfer, you can bequeath them upon death, but must have an identification mark.

So to make it I used a manual German mill a friend has with a damn swastika on the serial is multi angle and it will do passes left to right but you must adjust it for depth and such.

I used dicon blue for my cuts indicating because it was cool bro! The rounding was difficult to say the least, but it worked well?

I also wanted to make the trigger guard as one piece as I feel it looks cleaner if you look you can see.

Now the barrel has locking lugs that were frankly a fucking bitch to get right, the hole for the gas porting and even the chamber.

Rifling wasn't nearly as difficult honestly. I did a 1:6 twist for my rifling as it is only a 10.5in barrel from the breech to the end of the barrel (muzzle).

I used 7.62x39 for my caliber because many said it will never work, blah blah. Now it is true that its difficult to get this working, you might know this atko if you looked at the 7.62x39 casing....the primer is recessed into it. It is how they seal the primer with that red goo.

Now with the AR in 5.56 these are level with the casing and upon the bolt.face you get just a tiny bit of the firing pin to tap it when the hammer smacks the pin.

With mine I have it cut 0.7mm more to allow proper travel and allow it to really smack the piss out of that primer and never missfire due to light strike.

Another issue is what is called over gassing, meaning that once fired the gases behind the bullet traveling down the barrel and into the gas port, and up into the gas tube then the gas key on the bolt carrier group to force it reaward and cycle it back to eject and then foward to pick up a new round is too much pressure....

Well I have it where it seats just a little bit out of the gas key. This reduces recoil, ensures proper cycling and it does have a drawback.

It will sometimes throw fire from the breech (where it ejects the spent round from the side of the upper receiver).

It also gets dirty mentioned you was in a civil war back a long time you should be familiar with the AK47?

Do you remember how it felt loose in construction? Most do after use and break in period...this is how the function no matter what...problem with that is they are inaccurate as hell.

Over distance you tend to miss....with the 7.62x39 its only accurate to 200y or meters for non Americans.

The AR15 platform doesn't suffer this as the upper receiver is all built together and locked into place...the drawback is they tend to foul with debris quickly.

So you have to keep them lubricated well for prolonged firing.

Hope that explains....


Qanon happened..

Same thing that happened to voat really. People lacking direction and craving a leader...those people ravaged voat in its final days with their need for attention and relevance atko.

They alienated the userbase and drew back into their own safe spaces....they blackmailed users, they doxxed others, they posted fucking CP saying it was for "research". Pretty much the same on 8chan but with money and merch sales or whatever they could grab from gullible users.


Concern trolling is what this is right?

Personally I hope you resist arrest and end up a Twitter bio.


I never really got into these GTA games. Sandbox aspects sure, but I remember watching playing gta 3 when it came out on ps2 I think.

Something about beating up a hooker and kicking her on the ground for money to come out didn't set well with me.

I know it is a game and all that, but for someone to program that in the game didn't set well with me. So I never gave them another dime.