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Unimaginable what they went through.


Hah, I already felt that way. Jim did things out of boredom, he hated his job. Dwight loved it. Jim should have quit, instead he kept at it, while being miserable, and projecting his misery on to Dwight. 🤷‍♂️


I didn't like/understand it the first time I tried watching. I gave up. Then a few years later, with experience of the corporate world, I gave it another go. Pure joy. I think I could have the whole show on an endless loop next to my work computer xD


E Ink display is something I've always wanted to see in a Phone. Will definitely keep an eye on this. I won't be preordering it though, I'll believe it when I see this reviewed. So far they raised 262k of their 100k goal, but I'm very skeptical that they can create a phone like this for 262k + a few pre-orders...


Thank you, I tried the link and got the "whoops". I'll dig into this later this evening 😃


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Hello everyone and thank you for participating. May the odds be ever in your favor 😃


Huh. Valid point 😃 We do wash the hands afterwards though, but the top part must get really dirty after a while.


Cool! Lizards are awesome! Never had a chance to meet one (other than in a zoo), but I think they are very special. You can upload pics via "submit media" button on the frontpage. We're still working on developing new features and refining things 😃


Hi Chubby and congrats again! The code has been sent to you via email you used when you signed up here.


Hey, thanks for sharing the link! I still have not had the time to try Animal Crossing. I became a father about 3 months ago and our little one requires a lot of attention, leaving me almost no free time and most of it is spent on developing 20-Things 😃