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Awful tragedy.


@Whosoever you’re right, the 2nd level reply feature has not been implemented yet. I have it planned.


Welcome, great to have you!


For now, replying works in a similar way to 9gag, max 1 level deep. This helps with site performance but it does make comments more difficult to read.


The name comes from the idea of displaying only 20 things on the frontpage. There is no endless scrolling. The goal is to skim through the 20 things and then leave the site and go do something productive offline, rather than to suck people into endless scrolling for hours on end.


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Hello everyone and thank you for participating. May the odds be ever in your favor 😃


Thanks for trying it out! For now, frontpage only takes posts from the default 20 communities, but I guess we should rethink this and include public user-operated communities as well. Just need to figure out how not to write some code to not include more than 1 post from the same community on the frontpage, otherwise we could end up with only posts from say "/c/funnycatpictures".


This is tough. I try to keep 20t as simple as possible, with no recommendation algorithms. Discovering content that is not popular is hard, and helping users discover such content is something I prefer to do manually. I Plan to feature a community on the frontpage each week, if we ever get that many communities, as a way to help with discoverability.

As a content creator in general, getting the attention without changing who you are is tough. I wish there was a solution, but I’m afraid that one may not even exist. I hope ai’m wrong though.


Oh man. The memories 😃


Huh. Valid point 😃 We do wash the hands afterwards though, but the top part must get really dirty after a while.