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A neat video with a bit more details on what the mission looks like:


I watched almost all of it, and I'd love to go visit this place. I rented their servers, I knew they were consumer-grade at that time, and I always wanted to know how they do it. This video reveals quite a lot!


This is huge! Can't believe I'm reading this 😃


Haha, good to know! Audi drivers are not popular in Europe either, but I think they are a bit less hated than BMW drivers.


Yes, they are. Makes the job easier for the postman 😊


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Hello everyone and thank you for participating. May the odds be ever in your favor 😃


This is tough. I try to keep 20t as simple as possible, with no recommendation algorithms. Discovering content that is not popular is hard, and helping users discover such content is something I prefer to do manually. I Plan to feature a community on the frontpage each week, if we ever get that many communities, as a way to help with discoverability.

As a content creator in general, getting the attention without changing who you are is tough. I wish there was a solution, but I’m afraid that one may not even exist. I hope ai’m wrong though.


Huh. Valid point 😃 We do wash the hands afterwards though, but the top part must get really dirty after a while.


Cool! Lizards are awesome! Never had a chance to meet one (other than in a zoo), but I think they are very special. You can upload pics via "submit media" button on the frontpage. We're still working on developing new features and refining things 😃


Hi Chubby and congrats again! The code has been sent to you via email you used when you signed up here.