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A fellow trekkie? Live long and prosper! 😃


This was very well written. Almost spilled my drink 😄


That was a bold speech and I'm sure has ruffled a lot of feathers. This very speech may have cost him his life, we'll never know 😦


And another/c/funny reply with a mention.


Here is one more reply.


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Hello everyone and thank you for participating. May the odds be ever in your favor 😃


Huh. Valid point 😃 We do wash the hands afterwards though, but the top part must get really dirty after a while.


Cool! Lizards are awesome! Never had a chance to meet one (other than in a zoo), but I think they are very special. You can upload pics via "submit media" button on the frontpage. We're still working on developing new features and refining things 😃


Hi Chubby and congrats again! The code has been sent to you via email you used when you signed up here.


Hey, thanks for sharing the link! I still have not had the time to try Animal Crossing. I became a father about 3 months ago and our little one requires a lot of attention, leaving me almost no free time and most of it is spent on developing 20-Things 😃