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I'm glad they're bringing-out a prestige edition. I've the original PinePhone and the specs are a little on the low side.


When you've some time, Atko, could you please look at sustaining links for Odysee?


The first time I had to fire someone, I was 24. It really wasn't easy (even more so because I had slept with her a couple of times), but after that, I never had any issues with it.


This is an awesome article. I was about to say that they didn't address the main factor as to why we're not in a post-scarcity society already (though they were dancing around it with the talk of elites), which is usury; then I saw the very first comment was about this.

Interest is nothing, based on nothing and we spend all of this "abundance of energy" on paying it off. It's the ultimate scam by the elites to keep us busy and them rich.

What do we get in return? Shit distractions like Netflix and pop music and Ikea. And they aren't bonuses, since a lot of them are used to undermine our morals, inner strength, resourcefulness and to divide us, hence strengthening the elites' positions even more.


I heard a funny saying: a woman with an education is like a monkey with a handgun 😃

Thanks for contributing; I had never heard of her.


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That's how you know it's fancy 😂


Not a lot of parks there. I lived in a second-world city (think, ex-Soviet) for a long time and they were slowly phasing-out all the little/micro parks that used to be in the centre. Very sad.


I also use Brave, also for the same reason. When I get my new Linux laptop, I'll be switching to Librewolf, which looks super-private (though I guess the uniqueness of it makes the fingerprinting stand-out, not that I do anything illegal).


Thanks, Atko. Seems to be working, though a post hasn't shown on the frontpage yet. Not sure if it's supposed to? https://20-things.com/thing?thingid=3710


Same. It just came randomly on my music player, so reminded me.